MobileIron + Adeya: Extending military-grade encryption to enterprise collaboration

MobileIron and Adeya have joined forces to help customers quickly and securely equip their teams for remote work. With MobileIron UEM, customers can seamlessly deploy Adeya’s multi-platform collaboration solution for team messaging, file-sharing, voice and video calls, and conferencing on any device. With Adeya, MobileIron customers can now replace consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp with a military-grade collaboration solution that is designed for the enterprise.

Register for our joint webinar and learn how MobileIron and Adeya help customers meet their requirements for secure remote collaboration — even those in high-security industries such as military, healthcare, and financial services. Learn how you can:

    • Improve enterprise security. Replace risky consumer messaging apps with a military-grade encrypted collaboration solution.
    • Deploy seamlessly. The Adeya solution is easy to deploy through MobileIron UEM so remote workers can instantly share files and collaborate with co-workers using their own devices and home networks.
    • Simplify the experience. Users don’t have to re-learn complicated software because Adeya’s intuitive interface is similar to other consumer communication and collaboration apps.

Register for the webinar now! Be sure to stay for the Q&A at the end so we can answer your critical questions about enabling secure remote productivity across your entire workforce.

Wed., May 20, 2020
45 Minutes

Fran├žois Rodriguez, Chief Growth Officer - Adeya

Kenny van Midden, Business Development Manager - MobileIron

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