An Empowered Report:
Redefining Your Mobile Policy To Enable Empowered Workers
January 11, 2011

I&O managers worldwide are significantly altering their mobile computing strategies. Why? Because the prevalence of consumer smartphones, maturing enterprise-class mobile applications, the upcoming wave of slates and tablets that will be folded into the mix, and empowered workers are all driving I&O to change how it supports mobile devices. I&O managers must meet the needs of workers while continuing to ensure that corporate data is properly managed and secured across all devices, regardless of who owns the hardware.

Over the past six months, Forrester assisted 121 enterprise clients with developing or refining their mobile policy in an effort to meet these changing requirements. Forrester has identified 15 best practices that I&O managers should use when crafting their new mobile policies. These practices keep corporate data secure, employees productive and happy, and costs down, while selectively embracing the consumerization of IT where appropriate.

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Forrester Report: Fifteen Mobile Policy Best Practices

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