Introducing MobileIron Bridge: Harnessing the Power of EMM to Secure and Manage PCs and Cut PC TCO by Up to 80%

Abby Guha, Director of Product Marketing | Mark Cavins, Senior Product Manager

Session Date/Time:
Wednesday, November 2 at 10am PDT/6pm BST

Mobile and PC security are converging. PC management has evolved significantly over the years in an effort to support rapidly changing enterprise needs and evolving security models. In the modern enterprise, with a broad variety of devices being utilized by users on-the-go, IT needs a consistent platform to manage devices that are intermittently connected to the corporate network, across both PCs and mobile. Windows 10 addresses modern requirements by shifting device management from domain-joining to establishing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) as a single point of trust in the enterprise.

While EMM already solves for many of the most common use cases for PC management, until now there were a few gaps that prevented IT from moving away from old school PC management tools. MobileIron Bridge now closes the GPO gap and frees IT up to harness the power of a modern EMM approach to secure and manage PCs. And with a modern, more efficient approach, organizations can expect to cut up to 60% in PC TCO across a variety of areas. Attend this session to learn more and see how you can build stronger relationships with your customers in the new Windows 10 world.

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