Mobile Network Threats and Countermeasures

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Current data security trends indicate that nefarious attacks continue to target mobile devices and enterprise networks for financial gain, cyber espionage, or to simply damage company reputation. Additionally, the threat from the inside has also increased, leading to intentional and unintentional data leakage for many organizations. This presentation will review best practices and strategies for protecting the network from attacks, and controlling the dissemination of data on mobile devices by analyzing mobile attack vectors and countermeasures.

Topics include:

  • Investigative analysis of MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) and Brute-force attacks and mobile countermeasures
  • Uncovering malware and risky apps to provide proactive and reactive security countermeasures
  • Leveraging Adaptive Trust to collect device context and automate policy decisions
  • Using per-App VPN to isolate remote access and deter malware infestations

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