Defense Against the Dark Apps: Mitigating Risky Mobile App Behaviors

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BYOD is more than introducing new mobile devices to the enterprise, it also bringing the issue of Bring-Your-Own-Apps (BYOApps). Legitimate apps can bring unwanted risky behaviors that can expose Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as GPS and location information, employee contact data, email addresses, and more. Additionally, malicious apps continue to be a threat that can compromise the device and cause a data breach. 

Does a flashlight app really need access to a corporate address book or calendar? Should a doc-signing app transmit passwords in clear-text? Should a productivity app have access to corporate email attachments and be able to store them to DropBox? As we scratch beneath the surface, the real security issue is deeper rooted in policy decisions that now must be made on which app behaviors should be allowed in an enterprise environment.

In this webinar, we will present: 

  • Real world case studies on risky and malicious apps
  • Reverse engineer apps to reveal risky behaviors
  • Comparing malware to risky apps and why risky apps are a much bigger threat
  • A revised approach to mitigating the threat through the use of App Reputation Services and EMM
  • A strategy that can be implemented to fortify your BYOD and BYOApps deployment 



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