BYOD StrategyBuilding Bring-Your-Own-Device Strategies,
Chapters I and II

Part I and II in a series designed to help organizations develop their “BYOD” (bring-your-own-device) strategies for personally-owned smartphones and tablets.

Chapter 1 details eight components that our customers have found to be the foundation of a secure and scalable BYOD program.  Chapter II compares two technical approaches to BYOD: the walled garden vs. the enterprise workspace.  The “enterprise workspace” approach to BYOD is secure, cost-effective, extends to apps, and drives user satisfaction. It allows IT to configure, monitor, and control enterprise data and access across the mobile device without compromising the native user experience. This is the approach MobileIron takes to BYOD. 

8 Critical Components to a Scalable BYOD Program:

          1.  Sustainability5.  User Experience and Privacy
 2.  Device Choice6.  App Design and Governance
 3.  Trust Model7.  Economics
 4.  Liability8.  Internal Marketing

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BYOD Strategies

Bring-Your-Own-Device Strategy   Bring-Your-Own-Device Strategy

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BYOD: Building Bring-Your-Own-Device Strategies

BYOD Chapter 2: Limitations of the Walled Garden